Julian Redwood, MFT
specializing in Individual & Couples Counseling

Common Questions

Counseling for Couples

Relationships can be a joy and a painful struggle.
Sometimes, the person you once loved can feel like a stranger or even an enemy. Fortunately, couples counseling can foster concrete change and bring relief to old dynamics. If you are struggling with your partner and wish to feel like a team again, I believe I can help.

We all know how messy relationships can be behind closed doors. Bringing a therapist into your relationship for help and showing them the messiness can be intimidating. My passion and expertise is in fully exploring those difficulties with you and your partner, and helping you both find your way out.

Issues That I Treat
• Stuck Communication & Repetitive Arguments
• Parenting & Childbirth
• Affairs & Infidelity
• Anger & Violence
• Divorce & Co-parenting
• Sexual Difficulties
• LGBT Relationships
• Alternative Relationships

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