Julian Redwood, MFT
specializing in Individual & Couples Counseling

Common Questions

Counseling for Individuals

Life can be a real challenge at times.
Fortunately, you don't have to struggle alone; therapy does help. By exploring the emotional and cognitive roots of your difficulties, together we can find the keys to your struggles and allow you to live a fuller life.

I am here to join you in an engaged and active way, supporting and facilitating you to know more of yourself and the world.

Issues That I Treat:
• Loneliness
• Depression
• Self-esteem
• Intimacy and Relationships Difficulties
• Anxiety, Stress & Worry
• Issues of Sexuality
• Interpersonal Conflicts & Anger
• Addictions to Sex, Relationships & Substances
• Online Pornography Addictions & other Obsessions

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